Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

Girl and a Dolphin

✿➹⁀✿** CT Tags form Laguna and JOJO Creations **✿➹⁀✿

εїз >The beautiful Tube Girl and a Dolphin from Laguna < εїз

εїз >The beautiful Tube can you find here ,.< εїз

✿➹⁀✿** The Kit Under the Sea  from JOJO Creations **✿➹⁀✿

The Kit comes with 56 Elements and 7 Papers

With the great StoreCollab "Under the Sea"
you spend just $12.50 to get it as a free gift
the Collab can you find here:

εїз > The beautiful  Kit Part from JOJO Creations : < εїз

✿➹⁀✿ ©Tube Laguna ✿➹⁀✿


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